Polly Borland Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II 2001

Polly Borland,
Photographing the Queen
CNN photos

Haring In Melbourne

Polly Borland, Mira Gojak, Eliza Hutchison, Anne-Marie May, Alasdair McLuckie, Sangeeta Sandrasegar
Melbourne Now
National Gallery of Victoria
22 November 2013 – 23 March 2014


Polly Borland, Eliza Hutchison
We Used To Talk About Love
Balnaves Contemporary: Photomedia
31 January – 21 April 2013
Art Gallery of New South Wales


Sangeeta Sandrasegar
The scaffold called the Motherland spews infinite grace
Eight cast brass eucalyptus scaffolds, Mysore, India, 2012
Acquired by the Art Gallery of New South Wales, 2012