Constanze Zikos

Born Greece


1996 Master of Arts (Fine Art), VCA, Melbourne
1985-6 Post-Graduate Diploma, Victorian College of the Arts, Melbourne
1982-4 Bachelor of Arts, Victoria College, Prahran


2015-7 Murray White Room, Melbourne
Anathematic 2, Lyon Housemuseum, Melbourne
2015-6 Murray White Room, Melbourne
2013 Murray White Room, Melbourne
2011 Empire + Union, Tolarno Galleries Melbourne
2010 Pierced & Chained, Nora Kogan, Park Slope New York
The is The Dud of a Diamond Studded Collar, 179 Canal St, New York
2009 This City, Tolarno Galleries Melbourne
Night Store, Art in General, New York City
Cubism in Australia, Museum of Modern Art, Bulleen
The Kabinet, The Garment Room, 112 Greene St, New York City
2008 City of Port Philip, Melbourne
The Ian Potter Centre: National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne
Later, Carlton Hotel, Melbourne
2007 Cosmatesque. Aches + Urns, Greenaway Gallery, Adelaide
2006 Fit For Flogging, Art Gallery of New South Wales
2005 Joy Boyz in Kleptomania 2, Floate Design, Melbourne
2004 2 Contact, MIR 11, Melbourne
2004 Hex Addict, Tolarno Galleries, Melbourne
2003 Anathematic: Constanze Zikos 1990 – 2003, Monash Gallery, Melbourne
2002 Neo: Climate, Tolarno Galleries, Melbourne
2000 Intercity, Tolarno Galleries, Melbourne
1998 2 Contact, Tolarno Galleries, Melbourne
1998 Pin ups II, Tolarno Galleries, Melbourne
1997 Pin Ups I, Tolarno Galleries, Melbourne
1996 Constanze Zikos, Tolarno Galleries, Melbourne
1995 Fake Project, Australian Centre for Contemporary Art, Melbourne


2017 Primavera at 25: MCA Collection, Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney
2016 Spring 1883, The Hotel Windsor, Melbourne
2015-6 Howard Arkley (and Friends…), Tarrawarra Museum of Art, Melbourne
2015 Spring 1883, The Establishment Hotel, Sydney
Murray White Room, Art Basel Hong Kong 2015
2013 Murray White Room, Art Basel Hong Kong 2013
Murray White Room, Sydney Contemporary 2013
EVERYDAY, Murray White Room, Melbourne
PREVIEW13, Murray White Room, Melbourne
2012 Juan Davila Constanze ZIkos, Ormond Hall, Melbourne
Tiger Tiger, West Space, Melbourne
Convergent Worlds, ANU, Canberra
2011 In The Garden, Utopian Slumps, Melbourne
2010 Extreme Beauty, Y3K, Melbourne
Drawing Folio, Block Projects, Melbourne
2009 Ian Potter Museum of Art, University Of Melbourne
Acquisitions, City of Port Philip, Melbourne
2008 Later, Carlton Hotel, Melbourne
2007 Are You Bieng Flocked, Carlton Hotel, Melbourne
Trocadero, Melbourne
2006 Ulterior Modish, Blindside, Melbourne
Constanze+Ransom, Revolver Upstairs – External Wall, Melbourne
Cosmatesque and the Archer Constanze+Merda, AKM Building, Richmond
Currency, Victorian College of the Arts, Melbourne
2005 Pitch your Tent, Monash University Gallery, Melbourne
2005 Store 5, Anna Schwartz Gallery, Melbourne
RYESKZ, Museum of Contemporary Art, Budapest
2004 Venner, Blindside, Nicholas Building, Melbourne
2004 Group Show, Tolarno Galleries, Melbourne
2003 Group Show, Godard de Fiddes Gallery, Perth
Picnic, Melbourne’s Living Museum of the West, Melbourne
2002 Field Work: Australian Art 1968 – 2002, The Ian Potter Centre at the
National Gallery of Victoria
2001 The Wonder Inn, Art Space, Sydney
2000 What John Berger Saw, Monash University Gallery, Melbourne
Hard Candy, Westbourne Gardens, London
Contemporary Art Fair, Melbourne
1998 Close Quarters, Monash University Gallery, Melbourne
1998 Furnish, Bendigo Art Gallery, Bendigo
1997 Ornamentalism, Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane
Patterning in Contemporary Art: Layers of Meaning, Canberra School of Art,
Australian National University, Canberra and Metropolitan Museum of Art, Manila
1996 Art Cologne, Tolarno Galleries, Germany
Compost, Adelaide Festival, South Australia
1995 Wall Drawings, 200 Gertrude Street, Melbourne
1994 Co-existence, Artspace, Sydney.
1993 Australian Perspecta, Art Gallery of New South Wales
1992 Primavera, Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney
1991 The Subversive Stitch, Monash University Gallery, Melbourne
1988 A Short Ride in a Fast Machine, 200 Gertrude Street, Melbourne


National Gallery of Victoria
Art Gallery of New South Wales
The University of Melbourne Museum of Art
Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney
Monash University Museum of Art
National Gallery of Victoria
City of Whitehorse
City of Port Phillip


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1986 Subterranean Night Club, Melbourne
1988 University of Melbourne
1996 University of Melbourne
2001 Hudson Street, New York City
2008 Reb Bull Music Academy Australian Knitting Mills, Melbourne
2014 Highpoint Shopping Centre, Melbourne